Oh the Places to Discover & Food to Taste!


Like most of you, I am in a constant love/hate relationship with food. I love it not only because it gives me the nourishment and energy I need for my day to day activities but also because good food brings me a memory from my childhood. At the same time, I hate it because it makes me fat.

I have come up with different blogs dedicated to food, my last one being EatsTrixie. But one day, I suddenly had an epiphany. Just like my other blogs, I was having a difficult time concentrating on one sole topic. While EatsTrixie originally started off as a food blog, I found myself writing about random things. That's why it quickly turned itself into a lifestyle/personal blog. I thought this would be no problem for me but then days went on when I would discover how much I really love food. Hence, I created Sira ang Diet.

In English, Sira ang Diet literally translates to Broken Diet. Due to grammatical concerns, I figure this is something that means 'Break the Diet' or 'Lose the Diet.' I decided to give my new food blog this name because I have constantly been trying to lose weight. I have tried almost everything, yet still I have a body type that's considered chubby for my height. Even though I try to be strict with my diet, I usually discover a new restaurant or delicacy which makes me forget that I am in a diet, in the first place. Thus, the expression "Sira ang Diet" ko! (My diet is gone!)

I have come to terms with the fact that my body will never scale down to my High School self: 34-27-34 and that my arms will forever be enormous! I accept this because I know it is part of my dedication to being a foodie. The good thing is, I'm not giving up on achieving a slimmer body size someday.

After 10 years...
Like you, I am on a constant search for good food, new restaurants and cheap thrills. Aside from talking about food, I will also be posting some diet tips and exercise routines that can (somehow) help lose the fat.

I hope you enjoy my food blog as much as I have taken the time to establish it.

Trixie F. Torralba

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